Salon Grade Extensions, at Affordable Prices.

Our single objective is to continue to produce salon grade hair extensions at an affordable price. Our Research & Development team continues to work hard and focus on modern and improved methods of manufacturing to provide the highest quality hair extensions available on the market.

Contemporary & Traditional
Weave Packages

Packages Include:

Other Services:


Contemporary & Traditional
Weave Tightening

(Recommended every 4-8 weeks)


Beaded & Hidden
Weft Tightening

(Recommended every 4-8 weeks)


Beaded & Hidden Weft
Express Tightening

(Must be done within 4 weeks from last tightening)


Extension Customization

We provide our clients with a uniquely customizable experience to address each individual client’s needs to ensure your new hair is tailored perfectly to your texture, colour and character.

What's Your Texture?

When choosing hair best suited for you, it is important to get hair that matches your hair’s natural texture when it dries.

This way if weather conditions, humidity, or lazy days come about, the extension hair will react in the same manner as your own. This not only gives an undetectably natural appearance, it is lower maintenance.

Our creative team works tirelessly to make sure we are always employing the most innovative and exclusive colour and manufacturing techniques. True rich colour, healthy strands, no tangling or matting and no silicones sets our hair apart from anything else in the marketplace. Our unique and patent pending ColourLox™ system is changing the way hair extensions are coloured.