50 Colours.
Cuticle Correct,
Hand Tied Remy Hair.

Our Hair

The Alexia Hair Collection™ was brought to life after years of searching for extensions with the right quality that were created to last and look good.

Our single objective is to continue to produce salon grade hair extensions at an affordable price. Our Research & Development team continues to work hard and focus on modern and improved methods of manufacturing to provide the highest quality hair extensions available on the market.

Our creative team works tirelessly to make sure we are always employing the most innovative and exclusive colour and manufacturing techniques. True rich colour, healthy strands, no tangling or matting and no silicones is what sets our hair apart from anything else on the marketplace. Our unique system is changing the way hair extensions are coloured. 

We want you to feel your absolute best, which means knowing that you can trust and count on our brand.

Our Difference

After over 10 years in the hair industry, we found it difficult to find a reliable and predictable product.  

At Evolve, we’ve done our due diligence and have carefully sourced our hair from one set region. This means that every single bag you install should be similar to the last, and the quality does not vary from bag to bag.

We have high standards of quality control in our manufacturing warehouse to ensure all hair strands are aligned in the same direction so your extensions will remain tangle and knot-free.

Our hair is single donour, unprocessed virgin hair. Its is ethically sourced and fair trade.

And as always, we are silicone free!

Our Brand

The Alexia Hair Collection™ has a wide variety of colors, lengths and varieties to choose from. From warm chocolaty browns to cool ash blondes.

We have a variety of balayage tones, ombre colours, piano wefts and colour melts.

Our wefts are more durable while maintaining a silky soft feel.

We pride ourselves on quality and reliability and you will be able to feel the difference.