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Hand-Tied Wefts

The Alexia Hair Collection™ hand tied wefts are hand-crafted with the highest quality Remy hair.

The wefts are double drawn and true to length.

Each weft is hand sewn to ensure they are made whisper thin for seamless color mixing and blending.

One weft contains 15 grams of hair.

Available in 36 colours and in 3 standard lengths.


  • 1-4 rows
  • Tightenings
  • Temporary Removal
  • Permanent Removal
  • Cutom Clip-ins
  • Tightenings & Removal of other’s work
  • Cocktail Methodology


  • Contemporary Weave
  • Braidless Weave
  • Hidden Bead Method
  • Micro-links


  • Hair type
  • Hair density
  • Hair texture
  • Individual lifestyle
  • Existing hair length
  • Desired length
  • Personal budget
  • Maintenance
  • Hair loss issues

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Available Colours

All colours available in 16″, 18″ and 22″.  

For all other lengths, please contact us for a custom order.

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Extensions Care Guide


Before washing we recommend you use a wide tooth comb or Wetbrush to remove any tangling. With extensions, you will notice you can go longer between washes but we recommend washing your hair 2 times per week. This will keep excess oil from pooling on your scalp and dryness on the ends – which can cause breakage. Dry shampoo can be used in-between to freshen up the hair. It is best to wash hair in the shower or upright in the bathtub, rather than bent over a sink to avoid tangling or matting. Ensure you lift each weft and wash between and underneath. For best results wrap hair in a towel for about 10 mins to absorb the water before blow-drying and styling. Products we recommend to keep your extensions healthy and hydrated are: Renew Shampoo, Super Moisture Masque and IRT Conditioner.

Brushing and Drying

When combing damp hair, always use a wide tooth comb or Wetbrush. Start at the ends and work your way to the scalp. It is best to support the extensions by holding the weft near the scalp. Products we recommend are: Bond Support Leave in Condition, Restore Leave in Conditioner and Rejuvenique Oil to help restore any moisture that has been lost.


Blow-dry as usual. Style as usual. You can straighten, curl and brush your hair extensions as you would your natural hair. Products we recommend are: Thermal Protectant before applying blow-drying and hot tools.


At Evolve we work to colour match your hair before installing the extensions. If you wish to dye or colour your hair after the extensions have been installed, this can be done at your own discretion. Please use a hairdresser who has experience/knowledge of extensions. Once coloured or removed by a 3rd party stylist, Evolve will not guarantee the hair or wefts.


Never go to sleep with wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair can lead to matting and tangling. Always dry your extensions before sleeping and endure the wefts are combed thoroughly. It is advisable to tie your hair back in a ponytail or a braid at night to reduce the risk of knotting or tangling. Using a few drops of Rejuvenique Oil before bed is recommended.

Holidays & Swimming

Swimming in the ocean or pools with chlorine will decrease the life of you extensions. Salt water is VERY drying and spending excess time in the ocean can cause breakage and shedding. If you do enter the water place your hair in a high ponytail or bun. If your will be doing underwater activates it is recommended to wet your hair and apply Restore Leave in Conditioner before entering into the salt water or pool. Please note that the chlorine in pools, and the salt water paired with the sun can cause discolouration or bleaching of the extensions. We recommend rinsing your hair immediately after getting out of the ocean or pool and applying more leave in conditioner. Wearing your hair extensions abroad can cause dryness. A deep conditioning treatment is recommended upon return. We recommend: Replenish Masque and Rejuvenique Oil to help restore the lost moisture.


Evolve Hair provides a 7 day placement guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with the placement of your hair extensions please give us a call and we can move the extensions. After the 7 day grace period, any removals will incur a maintenance fee.

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