The industry has changed so much the past 20 years that the demand for quality hair extensions has risen. With no regulations; the industry was littered with sub-par education, low grade hair quality and mis-informed clients and patrons. It made it very difficult for the consumer to make educated decisions and have the dream hair they desired.  

Hair extensions truly are art.

At Evolve we feel the hair extensions industry is a separate division from a standard hair salon. Hair extension techniques and installs are very complex and can take years of education and practice to fully perfect. We have educated ourselves in all facets of hair extensions; including methods, techniques and installs. What we have learned is that not all methods are created equal.

Proper install techniques requires redundancy and can take years to perfect. At Evolve, we have mastered the art and are dedicated to providing professional install techniques, exceptional hair knowledge and above grade hair quality to our consumers.

Hair is my passion. And after wearing extensions for nearly 20 years I decided to educate myself in the industry and manufacture my own hair line. After wearing low grade hair for many years, I understood that quality control was an issue and something I wanted to address and offer to the market. I don’t do hair because it’s my job, I do it because it truly is my passion and calling.